Tintro manufactures LED Information Systems to your specifications, using our own design LED panels to make stable, extremely bright, DC-Drive signs. We can select the LED's to suit the job, then build them into a unit which gives you the best impact possible. We can supply a unit in a case, or mounted on a frame for incorporation into a larger sign.

We're engineers first, and if we don't have it already, we can design
the right solution
for you. If you need simple flashing direction signs, small scrolling signs you can build into backlit posters, a
graphics-based display 4 square meters or larger, curved displays, or a new design for a specific marketing campaign, give us a ring.

Our clients include airport caterers, artists, car park operators, signage manufacturers, lighting companies, and the cosmetics industry.

We're still fleshing this website out. Still to come: lighting systems
and recent projects. So keep dropping in for updates!

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